About us

PataPata Safaris was born from the meeting between two African boys, Etienne and Halidi, united by a passion for nature and animals way back in 2011, later joined by Mike.

 Etienne- Graduated in chemistry at the University of Pavia (Italy), after several years spent working in the medical-scientific field in Italy, he decided to make a dream come true by reconnecting with his continent of origin. He thus opens a tour operator to show travelers the extraordinary beauty of Africa. Etienne is the contact for PataPata Safaris in Europe, he lives and works in Italy. 

Halidi- Graduated from the Professional Tour Guiding and Leadership College of Arusha in Tour Guiding and Leadership Course. Expert guide and profound lover and connoisseur of nature and animals. He will accompany you with his experience and friendliness during your safaris. Halidi is managing the Patapata Head office in Arusha (Tanzania)

 Mike- The trio concludes with Mike, Master in Business and Administration (MBA) Finance, who lives and works in the USA and is the contact for PataPata Safaris in America.

Our Mission

PataPata Safaris organizes safaris in Tanzania and stays in the Zanzibar archipelago and nearby islands. Creates travel itineraries dedicated to both professionals, such as biologists, ethologists, naturalists and photographers, and tourists. The PataPata Safaris team is made up of qualified guides, experts in local wildlife, ethology and botany. Furthermore, they speak English, French and Italian languages fluently. PataPata Safaris can also organize nature photography workshops in the various Tanzanian parks and reserves. PataPata Safaris has comfortable cars available, Land Cruiser model, with lifting roof, ideal for carrying out any type of excursion. The list prices for the various travel packages are extremely advantageous. It is also possible to organize personalized itineraries designed according to customer requests.

In the PataPata Safaris team our leitmotif is “customer satisfaction”

Why choose Us

PataPata Safaris aims to make Tanzania, its people, its wonderful natural parks and its islands known to anyone who wants to enjoy a unique, magical and unforgettable experience. PataPata Safaris also offers the possibility, both to the most passionate and daring and to those approaching a safari for the first time, to introduce and admire the animals up close, even while they carry out hunting activities. The spectacular nature of these moments is guaranteed by the considerable experience of the guides who will accompany you to discover a new world full of emotions. For your holidays PataPata Safaris offers you a high-quality service at competitive prices.


Have a Wonderful trip!