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For lovers of diving and snorkeling Pemba and Zanzibar with their warm equatorial currents and rich coral reefs are the ideal half.

only 600 USD

destination: Pemba

For lovers of diving and snorkeling Pemba and Zanzibar with their warm equatorial currents and rich coral reefs are the ideal half.

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The island of Pemba is located 48 km north of Unguja (Zanzibar) and is situated in front of the port town of Tanga in the north of the country.

Its name means "green island" or "Emerald Isle".

A Pemba not yet developed tourism that can be found in Unguja. It 'an island conservative, deeply religious and superstitious.

And 'long 67 km wide and 22 km away.

The island's capital is Chake Chake that preserves reminiscences Namzin as the Portuguese Fort, recently converted into a museum on the history of the archipelago of Zanzibar.

From the capital you can leave for the island of Misal, where you can make diving excursions eg the magnificent grounds. It 'also possible to spot sharks and manta rays.

Mkoani is the most important town in the south of the island and the place where they land the ferry from Stone Town, Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam.

Wete is located on the west coast and is the port for dhows.

In the north of the island there are several areas of ruins dating back to the forest beyond Shirazi Ngezi. Its peculiarity is the presence of popo, bats endemic Pemba also called flying foxes.

The northern end of the island is occupied by the peninsula of Kigomasha with beautiful beaches.


Most tourists arrive in Pemba by air: There are daily flights from Stone Town (30 min), Dar Es Salaam (1h) and Tanga (20 min). The airlines are Coastal Aviation, Tropical Air and ZanAir. In Dar tickets can be purchased at the airport or at any travel agency. Flights land at the Karume, 6 km east of Chake Chake (the capital of Pemba). Taxis wait for passengers outside and ask for $ 10-15 to go to Chake Chake., $ 35-40 for Mkoani or Wete, and also $ 80 to go in one of two hotels in the northern part of Ras Kigomasha.

Arriving by ferry is cheaper, but often cruises are canceled, for what days and check the departure times when you arrive in Dar, Stone Town or Tanga. The ferry port is located in Mkoani, in the south of Pemba, which usually arrive starting from Stone Town. The trip is nocturnal and usually costs $ 25; Sepideh the fast (running from Dar and travels during the day) costs $ 40-50 and takes 2h.

To move from Pemba, tickets can be found at the ticket office in the huts near the entrance of the port, Mkoani, and at a handful of agencies along the main streets of Chake Chake and Wete.

Diving and Snorkeling:


Almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs (reef), mangroves and countless atolls, the spectacular underwater kingdom of Pemba (which houses almost half of the Tanzanian coral reefs) is one of most exciting destinations for scuba diving in the world. Caves, steep walls, galleries and extensive gardens Coralline, which offer shelter to a staggering profusion of marine life, attracting many large pelagic species (fish of the open sea). In these waters there are vast herds of surgeon fish, swarms of barracuda and many other species.

Pemba is considered the best diving center in the country, and offers underwater cliffs towering, barriers largely pristine and a wonderful variety of marine life, in particular the island of Misal is a real gem.

Charges and Conditions:

4 days starting from 600 USD per person in HB


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