Mafia Island
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The enchanting island of Mafia, is an archipelago in the middle of a marine ecosystem unique in the world.

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Destination: MAFIA ISLAND

The enchanting island of Mafia, is an archipelago in the middle of a marine ecosystem unique in the world.

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The enchanting island of Mafia, with its 55 km long, long grand is the largest and most prominent of a small archipelago that bears his name. The other islands are Chole, Juani and Jibondo. Due to its special location 25 km off the coast of the great Rufiji River Delta, the archipelago is at the center of a particularly rich marine ecosystem. For this reason, in 1995, was set up in Mafia Island Marine Park which includes the southeastern part of the island of Mafia, the other islands of the archipelago as well as a series of reefs south of Mafia. The depths of the park are one of the most beautiful parts of the entire east coast of Africa where you can go diving.


To reach the archipelago, the fastest and safest way is to take one of the small planes that fly daily from Dar Es Salaam to Kilindoni, place chief of the island of Mafia. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive, so those who wish to groped adventure can try to reach the islands by boat from the village of fishermen Kisiju which is located about ninety miles south of Dar Es Salaam. From here on a regular basis of the dhow who go to Kilindoni. The crossing can be quite busy depending on the sea conditions, often agitated.

The dhow is a traditional Arab sailing boat, common in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa, the Persian Gulf, India and the Arabian Peninsula. E 'equipped with one or more triangular sails, known as Latin. Until a few decades ago it was still a very popular means of transport for commercial purposes, whose routes were based on the seasons and in particular the thrust determined by the monsoons. The capacity of the dhow goes from ten to thirty passengers depending on the size of the boat.

Diving and Snorkeling:


For lovers of diving Mafia offers beautiful corals, an amazing variety of fish, including many species of ocean, and a relaxed atmosphere and uncrowned. To achieve some dive sites are often used engine-powered dhow. In Chole Bay there are several interesting points where you can swim all year round, while outside of the bay there are several interesting places to dive season. The best month is usually October, the worst are April and May, in June, everything is closed.

Charges and Conditions:

4 days from 600 USD HB


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