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A vacation on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar. Stone Town, where Africa meets East and snorkeling on Prison Island. only 400 USD

Destination: ZANZIBAR

A vacation on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar. Stone Town, where Africa meets East and snorkeling on Prison Island.

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Located on the west coast of Unguja, Stone Town, the historic and cultural heart of Zanzibar, is perhaps the most fascinating city in Africa and rich in atmosphere south of the Sahara. Remember, in many ways the Arab and North African medinas, with its enchanted maze of winding streets, lively bazaars and grand residences Arabic and Indian. A place where reality and fantasy are easily confused.

Stone Town was once the heart of the slave trade in East Africa, you can still see the wretched of the cells below the last slave market. Also for this reason will always remain a very picturesque destination.

The essence of Stone Town is its cosmopolitan nature, able to absorb and mix external influences. The fusion of cultures can be read on the faces of its inhabitants, or lateen sails by dhow passing back and forth in the harbor along with hydrofoils light.

A Stone Town there is no official tourist office, but you can find an information desk in the hall of the Old Fort which takes a few brochures and guided tours. The best way to get around in Stone Town is on foot. Distances are short and though most of the streets are too narrow for cars.

The main taxi stands are the central market, the northern end of Kenyatta Road, at the southern end of Kaunda Road, to Forodhani Gardens and before the hot nightlife spots. A ride into town costs about Tsh 2500-3000.

A good way to navigate is to take a guided walking tour (3 hours, $ 20-30 per person) with stops at major tourist spots.


Located at 38 km south-east of Stone Town, just after the village of Pete, there is the National Park Jozani-Chwaka Bay. At the center of the park lies the Jozani Forest, home to a wide variety of wildlife at one time scattered throughout the island, including the Red Colobus and Sykes monkeys, ipotamocheri and some small species of antelope such as duiker of Ader and the suni, giant shrews, chameleons and many volatile butterflies.

The forest offers nature trails to suit all tastes, from a comfortable walk of an hour up to a half-day trek.

The park (daily 7.30-17) costs $ 8 entrance, which includes the forest, a visit to the mangroves and a guide.


It 's the most famous half-day excursion to Zanzibar. Highlight of the tour consists of a guided walk at a spice farm (shamba) in the heart of Unguja, where you'll be shown herbs and spices, fruits and other products of the earth with fascinating descriptions of their use and numerous possibilities to test scent and flavor. All this often ends with a tasty lunch.

All tours depart in the morning from Stone Town or from the resorts (the last at 9.30) and fall around 14. You will pay about $ 15 per person for a place in a shared minibus, or more than $ 35 per person for a private tour

Diving and Snorkeling:


An excursion to Changuu (Prison Island), a narrow but long strip 700 5 km north-west of Stone Town, is a popular destination, pleasant and economical way to get out of town. There is a nice beach, you can snorkel in the reef that surrounds it is not too deep, and there is a good accommodation to stay overnight. Grand part of the island is covered in coral rag forest (vegetation that grows on arid and rocky coral only), where he lives a bunch of tiny suni antelope. The large enclosure behind the restaurant hosts a colony of giant tortoises (chaguu in Kiswahili), some of which are descended from four turtles of the atoll of Aldabra in the Seychelles, given away to the English regent in 1919. The largest, with an average weight of more than 200kg and an age of about 100 years, are second in size only to the Galapagos tortoises, and are related to dinosaurs: their evolution dating back about 180 million years ago. They breed between January and May.

The excursions, usually half-day cost around $ 30-40 per person, including $ 6 entrance and snorkeling equipment. boats take about 30 minutes to go, and leave you 2 or 3 hours to explore the island and the coral reef. You can even make trips to a whole day, if you plan ahead, usually combined with snorkeling island of Bawe.

Charges and Conditions:

For 4 days with Half Board: from 400 USD per person for a minimum of 02 people


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The territory of ZANZIBAR is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of eastern Tanzania. He is made up of two main islands, Unguja (Swahili name for Zanzibar) and Pemba in the south to the north.

The climate is hot and humid, but the monsoons bring sea breezes relieve the heat. There are two rainy seasons: March to May and the highest from November to early December, the minor.

ZANZIBAR TOWN is the heart of the archipelago and is located in the western part of the same island. Stone Town (or "Stone City") is the heart of the city and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stone Town is made up of a maze of cobbled alleys and are animated by a great variety of bazaars in oriental style.

IN ZANZIBAR TOWN You can enjoy great coffee, take lessons in percussion at the Dhow Countries Music, visit some museums, enjoy the beautiful sunset from Forodhani Gardens, know the old slave market and walk around the city plunge into a melting pot of different cultures . It 's a perfect island to rest, perform sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving or take the spice tour: in the center of the island there are still plantations and you will be invited to taste the cloves, black pepper, cardamom or fruits breadfruit.

The cuisine of ZANZIBAR is renowned for its unusual flavor combinations that reflect the turbulent past of the island and the archipelago, adding and combining recipes Arabic, Indian and European, often modified to fit the typical food of the area, linked to the coastal tradition (fish and seafood) that agricultural production for export (spices, tropical fruits).

The majority of the population is Muslim and is also conservative. It is therefore advisable not to dress in a succinct, but to cover their backs and not to bring shorts (or skirts) too short.



A vacation on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar.

Stone Town, where Africa meets East and

Snorkeling on Prison Island.

400 USD


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